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Steps Ahead Care & Support specialise in providing support and rehabilitation to those with an acquired brain injury, spinal injuries, challenging behaviour and mental health.

The process of developing your bespoke support

Assessment of Need

A care manager will visit you to complete an assessment to capture details of your needs and aspirations, and how best to support you.

Building your Team

Through our safe and effective recruitment process, we will recruit specifically for you. Our aim is to work with you to develop a bespoke team who meet your needs and match your personality.

Support Plan

Your care manager will work with you, your family members and professionals involved to develop a live care and support plan which reflects your individual needs, to ensure we deliver the highest quality service.

Ongoing Support

We are committed to empowering you to reach your full potential. Our main aim is to reduce the level of support you require where safe and possible to do so.

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OurCore Values


Steps Ahead Care & Support are committed to keeping clients and staff safe through our robust recruitment and selection process, ensuring our staff are well-trained and abreast with all the latest guidelines and policies.

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Steps Ahead Care & Support ensure we provide an effective service by working in an innovative and collaborative way. We continually work with our staff to develop their skill base and communicate key changes to practice.

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Steps Ahead Care & Support take pride in providing a caring service driven by passion, to enable people to achieve their individual goals and aspirations. We empower the people we support to have choice and autonomy; we provide time to listen to clients and staff to build and maintain positive relationships where everyone is valued.

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Steps Ahead Care & Support take pride in delivering a responsive service where the person receiving support is the driving force behind how their care & support is delivered. Enabling people to achieve their goals and safely reducing our level of input is always our priority.

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Well Led

At Steps Ahead Care & Support we put the people who use our service and their values and needs at the heart of what we do. Our managers and leaders are available and approachable, they are dedicated to continually develop our service to ensure it is always well-led, it delivers the best outcomes for all, and everyone is aware and understands our vision and ethos.

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Promoting Your Independence

Our main aim at Steps Ahead Care & Support is to promote your independence by empowering you to reach your full potential. We understand that everyone's goals are different, and regardless of how small or large they may seem, everyone's goals are considered with the same importance and we will work with all involved to help you achieve and celebrate these.

Bespoke Recruitment

We have a safe and robust recruitment process which is always followed when building your team. One of the most important things to us is that we work closely with you to recruit and develop a bespoke and committed team, who are able to deliver the level of support you require. We always endeavour to take into consideration your individual personality, interests and ensure that you and your support workers have common ground to build upon, to develop a professional working rapport.

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